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Whiskey-colored Premium Italian Buttero Leather



This is a handmade item. Please allow 2 weeks for fulfilment. Thank you.


HOW TO ORDER - Please select desired thread color and slip size. For sizing, please see Size Guide below.


A pocketslip protects your knife from other pocket contents and helps a knife to sit comfortably in the pocket.


These slips are made from semi-rigid Italian veg-tan leather.  This is the finest leather I have worked with.  It has a firm temper, uniform grain, velvety touch, and over time will develop a handsome natural patina.


These slips retain your knife securely, even when inverted, but release the knife when ready with a gentle squeeze.  Like a well-made traditional slipjoint knife, these slips have a very satisfying action.


Each slip is cut, tooled, dyed, antiqued, and stitched by hand.  Proudly features a subtle maker's mark.


PLEASE CONTACT ME with any fit questions.  Remember, TIGHT IS RIGHT.  These slips start tight and naturally mold to your knife over time.


Material:  7 oz Italian Buttero veg-tan leather from Conceria Walpier tannery in Tuscany. 


Size Guide

XX-Small fits most traditional slipjoints 3 1/4" closed and under (GEC 14, 18, etc.)


X-Small fits most traditional slipjoints 3 3/8" to 3 5/8" closed (GEC 15, 44, 85, 92, etc)


Small fits most traditional slipjoints 3 3/4" to 3 7/8" (GEC 38, 47, 72, 73, 74, 86; Jack Wolf Knives Sharpshooter, Javelina, Low Drag, Vampire, K9, Midnight, etc.)


Medium fits most traditional slipjoints 4" to 4 1/4" (GEC 43, 88; Jack Wolf Cyborg, etc)


Large fits most traditional slipjoints 4 3/8" to 4 1/2" (GEC 23; Remington 1123, etc"


Ohio/Hedgehog fits all variants of C. Risner Ohio River Jack and QSP Hedgehog.


GEC 36 fits GEC 36 and other equal-end Sunfish/Elephant-Toenail patterns to 4 1/4" closed


GEC 45/46 fits GEC 45 and 46 and other swell-center Elephant-Toenail patters to 4 1/4" closed.  Special contouring echoes the swell-center of the knife frame.


GEC 92 fits GEC 92 and other Eureka Jack patterns 3 3/8" to 3 5/8" closed.  Special contouring echoes the swell-center of the knife frame.


Humpback fits Jack Wolf Knives Humpback and other Eureka Jack patterns 3 3/4" to 3 7/8" closed.  Special contouring echoes the swell-center of the knife frame.



Note: Listing is for leather gear only, NO tools or accessories included.

Premium Knife Slip - Whiskey - Made to Order

Thread Color
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